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    Items are shipped at the following rates:

    • Cabs - $5.00
    • Light Bars - $1.50

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    Cabs Accessories

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    1/25 International 4000 Standard Cab

    This is a conversion kit to replicate on tof the most popular trucks on the road. This kit will fit on most kit chassis with minimal modifications.
    Kit includes:
    Headlights (2)
    Quarter Fenders (2)

    $45.00 + shipping

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    1/25 IH S-Series Standard Cab Kit

    This kit replicates the IH S-Series trucks in the 1600 thru 1900 Series. It will fit most frames with little modification. The kit includes: Cab, Hood, Grill, Bumper, Headlights(2), Quarter Fenders, Interior and Dash.

    $45.00 + shipping

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    Mack MC/MR Resin Cab 1/25th Scale

    This is a complete cab kit to create one of the most unique and recognizable trucks on the road.
    This cab has some very fine castings included with it, so there will be some casting flash on some of the pieces, so that they can be shipped. so, minor clean-up is involved.
    The kit includes:
    Dash Top
    Interior Side Panels (2)
    Headlights (2)
    Cab Steps (2)
    Cab Fenders (2)
    Slamlocks (4)
    Fender Extensions (2)
    Windshield Wipers (2)
    Vacuum-formed Windshield and Rear Window
    Cab Wind Deflectors (2)

    $55.00 + shipping


    American LaFrance Century Cab Kit

    This is a conversion kit designed to work with the AMT American LaFrance series of kits. The kit includes, cab, interior, dash, Captains seat, intake grills, steps, front bumper extension, jump seat panel, and vacuum formed windshield and side windows. This is a direct replacement kit for the narrow 900/1000 series AMT cab.

    $55.00 + shipping

    Ward LaFrance Cab Kit

    Kit includes cab, grill, bumper and other exterior details. Some interior details also included.

    $50.00 + shipping

    Ford C Canopy Cab

    This is JUST A CAB. I did not worry about interior or any of the small cab related parts as the reissues of the AMT kits are readily available. It is based off of a reissue, so all of the stock windows and lights will fit.

    $25.00 + shipping