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  • Dave Carey
    PO Box 351
    Ft.Madison, IA 52627
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    Items are shipped at the following rates:

    • Cabs - $6.00
    • Light Bars - $1.50

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    Cabs Accessories

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    Recently Released Items!

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    1/25 IH S-Series Standard Cab Kit

    This kit replicates the IH S-Series trucks in the 1600 thru 1900 Series. It will fit most frames with little modification. The kit includes: Cab, Hood, Grill, Bumper, Headlights(2), Quarter Fenders, Interior and Dash.


    $45.00 + shipping

    1/25 Oxygen Tank

    This replicates a 52" oxygen bottle with transport cap in place. They can be shortened to fit various applications. 2 per package.

    $2.00 + shipping

    1/25 Indian Tank

    Includes 1 tank, and 1 nozzle. Please note : Due to the delicate nature of the nozzle, there MAY be flash that will need to be removed.

    $2.50 + shipping